Paul Levy
CEO and General Manager

The Season is Here!

It is exciting to be starting our ninth season at Toscana Country Club. We have had a wonderful year with 48 new families choosing Toscana as their Club!

  • 23 Resident Golf Members
  • 12 Invitational (Non-Resident) Preview Golf Members
  • 8 Resident Sports Club and Spa Members
  • 5 Invitational (Non-Resident) Sports Club and Spa Members

Over the past few years, we have added new events and activities to the Club to provide diverse and unique opportunities for Members to connect with other Members. In addition to golf, tennis, fitness, dining and social events, we have a hiking club, a bike club, wellness seminars, a creative/art series, bird watching and coming this season, volleyball! Our Members are having a great time and are calling their experience here… Camp Toscana. Click here for a link to our Event Calendar for this upcoming season so you can see all the fun events and activities. It has been eight wonderful years filled with special memories and we encourage you not to miss another moment at the Club.

Please contact me at or 760.404.1566 or our Membership Team below to learn more about the Membership Opportunities at Toscana. You can also click here to visit us online.


The Invitational (Non-Resident) Preview Membership allows you the opportunity to join Toscana and experience the Club until March 1, 2014 by just paying dues. Once the preview term has ended, Preview Members will have the option to convert to an Equity Golf or Sports Club membership.


Equity Golf: $150,000 - No down payment required for Preview Membership: Benefits of Family Membership - Unlimited walk-on golf and access to all the Club amenities including the 28,000 square foot Sports Club and Spa Bella Vita including complimentary fitness classes, Il Forno Trattoria and a full social calendar of events and parties.

Equity Sports Club & Spa: $40,000 - No down payment required for Preview Membership: Benefits of Family Membership -Access to all the Club amenities and membership benefits except golf.

At the end of the preview term on March 1, 2014, the Preview Member has the following options: Convert to a Golf or Sports Club and Spa Equity Membership - the initiation fee may be paid with a down payment of $10,000 for Golf and $2,500 for Sports Club and Spa and the remainder in equal monthly installments over 60 months. Convert to a Young Professional Golf or Sports Club Membership (under 50 years).

Regular dues start when the Member joins.

2013 Golf Dues: $1,650 per month
2013 Sports Dues: $540 per month

New Membership Director

I am pleased to announce that we have hired Crista Collins as our new Membership Director. Please read more about Crista below. She can be reached at or 760.404.1592.


Crista Collins brings with her a 12 year proven track record of sales, client relations and marketing experience. Crista received her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from the University of Minnesota and began her career specializing in financial institutions and corporate environments. Most recently Crista has focused on leadership development and sales as an independent business owner representing Mary Kay Cosmetics where she moved into a leadership position in less than six months, and recognized at the top two percent of the sales force for eight years straight. She also has received national recognition for innovative sales ideas, events and campaigns.

Crista thrives on her love for people coupled with her passion for marketing and personal branding. Crista’s favorite thing to do is plan and host theme parties, and she prides herself on making others feel great when they are in her space. She spends her spare time cooking, playing piano, painting, writing, and traveling. To stay active, Crista enjoys weight training, hiking, running, biking, and water sports. Crista is ecstatic about making the move from Minnesota to Southern California. Since she always prioritizes health and fitness and learning new skills, she is eager to become an avid golfer and tennis player.