Dear :

I hope you are enjoying the season at Toscana – I certainly am. It’s wonderful to see so many Members participating in all of the fun events and activities at the Club. We are also pleased that we are continuing to add new Members. We welcome this growth as it helps us move closer to completing the rest of the Club facilities. The new Members, along with established Members, continue to introduce prospective Members and homeowners to the community, widening the circle of those who know about Toscana.

As you know, the Festas have been an important part of our overall marketing strategy, with the primary purpose to showcase Toscana Country Club and its wonderful Members to new prospects. Additionally, the Festas foster the amazing social scene and connections between Members. We believe so strongly in the importance of the Festas that we are spending approximately $500,000 a year on these events.

Our goal is to make sure that Members and their guests who are prospective Members and homeowners have a great experience at each Festa. The maximum capacity for these events is based on our ability to offer a first-class experience, from the initial welcome in the valet line to dinner seating to easy access to food and drink to enjoying the entertainment. Each year, we have been inching closer to our maximum capacity, and we are now at the point where it is necessary to implement new reservation procedures for the Festas, starting with the March 14, 2014 Italian Street Festival. We need your help to make sure we are providing the best experience possible for you and your guests.

Festa Guest Limit
For the rest of this season, we will continue our current policy of allowing four guests per membership at each Festa. We are counting on your judgment to insure that the guests are in fact prospective Members and/or prospective homeowners. Moving forward, at the end of each season we will evaluate this limit based on attendance and membership growth and make adjustments if necessary for the following season.

Festa Registration Deadline
The new deadline for RSVP’s will be at 5:00 pm four days prior to each Festa. This will allow our Food and Beverage team enough time to order an adequate amount of food and drink, prepare the venue with sufficent seating and plan for parking along with all the other event details. If RSVP’s are received after the registration deadline, Members and their guests will be placed on a waiting list. If spots open up due to cancellation after the deadline, the Club Concierge will contact those Members on the waiting list prior to the event.

It is very important to call the Club Concierge as far in advance as possible if you need to cancel your reservation, including any guests who are not able to attend. This will allow us to open spots for those on the waiting list and also allow us to plan more accurately for each event. By not calling in cancellations, fellow Members will remain on the waiting list and will not have the chance to attend. At our January Festa, over 60 people did not attend who had made reservations. To determine who doesn’t attend, we collect the name badges that have not been picked up by the end of the event. Please be sure to pick up name badges for you and your guests at each Festa so we can determine how many attended. Following each Festa, we will be sending a courtesy email to those who made reservations but did not attend as a reminder to call in cancellations prior to the Festa.

Reservation Procedure
We will be switching to a new online reservation system (see links below) where you will be required to enter your guest’s names and information, including their email address. This will allow us to send a follow-up email to each guest, thanking them for attending and asking if they would like additional information about Toscana.

March 14, 2014 RSVP Form
April 4, 2014 RSVP Form
May 2, 2014 RSVP Form

If you have any trouble registering with the new online system, the Club Concierge will be happy to assist you. Please remember, an email address is required for each guest (one per couple), so please have that available before calling. An email confirmation will be sent to you after you have completed the registration process whether you make your reservation online or with the Concierge. This confirmation email will also include a website link allowing you to check your reservation at any time. If you need to change or cancel your reservation, you must contact the Club Concierge at 760-404-1444 or They will make the adjustments and send you an email confirmation of the changes.

If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact the Club Concierge or check the website link to verify that we have your reservation. Again, this is very important we receive your registration so that we will have name badges for you and your guests ready at the Festa.

Name Badges
When you arrive on the evening of our Festas, please remember to pick up the name badges for you and your guests at registration. We have different colors for the name badges – burgundy signifies Members and blue signifies guests. In addition, to help you identify new Members who have joined within the past year, a red dot has been added to their badge. We encourage you to introduce yourselves to new Members and make them feel welcome at Toscana!

Parking is also limited. When at all possible, please carpool or drive your golf cart to the event. This opens up additional parking spaces and eases lines at the valet station.

We appreciate your patience and understanding with these new procedures and are open to any suggestions you may have to improve the overall experience. Being challenged with capacity is good news – it highlights the positive momentum and growth we have seen over the last few years.

With your help, we will continue to showcase Toscana to your friends, family and associates to maintain the growth and quality of our Club. Our staff is always available to provide you and your guests with any information and assistance. Please feel free to contact Warren Smith, Vice President of Sales, at 760.772.7000 or; Crista Collins, Membership Director, at 760.404.1592 or; Paul Levy, General Manager and CEO, at 760.404.1566 or; Dave Craig, Director of Golf, at; or the Club Concierge at 760.404.1444 or

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our wonderful community.

Very truly yours,

William Bone
Chairman of the Board