TPI’s philosophy of the golf swing is that there are an infinite number of ways to swing a club, yet there is only one efficient way and it is based on individual physical abilities and limitations. Valeria will perform a series of screenings, assessments, and post screening analysis. It will then be determined how efficient your body is in relation to swinging the club. Certain corrective exercises will be prescribed based on the individual’s limitations.


Find out from Bill Harmon, Director of Instruction, just how much of an impact this training can have on your golf game.

"We all have physical limitations that affect our ability to hit the ball efficiently. During the screening, Valeria can help determine what those issues are and then propose workarounds or create customized training sessions that with time and discipline can improve your golf swing. My screening with Valeria was very informative and I see now how working with corrective exercises and stretches will help improve my range of motion. We are very fortunate to have a TPI Certified golf coach at Toscana and I encourage you to contact Valeria to learn more." -Bill Harmon


Screenings and trainings take place at the Sports Club with the offerings and prices below:

1 Hour initial screening - $250.00
Includes 16 body screens, assessment and video swing analysis with prescription.

TPI 32 Session Golf Coach Package - $1,440
($45.00 per class per Member)
Class limited to 6 Members

TPI 16 Session Golf Coach Package - $720
($45.00 per class per Member) Class limited to 6 Members

Group coaching program towards improvement starts in January 2014 and will be two days a week. Private Sessions for $145.00 and Semi-Private for $170.00 ($85.00 per Member) available upon request.

Packages good for Jan 2014- May 2014.