Dear %%familiarname%%:

The results of the voting on the Future Club Facilities are in and I'm very pleased to announce that we will be moving forward with the new Club Facilities. 63% of the voting Members cast ballots and 98% approved the plan.

Now that the plan has been approved by the Members, we will move ahead to obtain the required approvals from the City of Indian Wells this summer. We will then work over the next several months to complete the architectural, engineering, landscape and other plans and finalize all the preparations necessary to start construction in the summer of 2016. The new casual restaurant, pool, remaining two tennis courts, event lawn, Sports Club pavilion and administrative office building will be completed and open in November 2017.

In addition, this summer we will remodel and expand the Il Forno kitchen and build the golf teaching facility with both open and ready for next season.

In the Focus Groups and at the Town Hall Meeting several Members expressed their desire to have the event tent replaced with a permanent building at the same time as the other future facilities are constructed. As you know, Toscana, like all large master-planned communities, is being built in phases — infrastructure (streets, sewer, water, etc.), homes, golf course and club facilities are all phased. It's simply not feasible to construct everything at one time. As you've seen, we've typically completed the significant phases of construction earlier than required. For example, the final holes of golf were required to begin construction at the point of 375 Golf Members. In fact, we started when there were 334 Golf Members. A substantial majority of Members have agreed with the new plan to separate the functions that were originally to be included in Villa Toscana and build most of them now, delaying only the permanent banquet building to replace the event tent. We intend to design that permanent banquet building at the same time as we design the other facilities over the next several months, so it will be ready to go when the time is right. We will build that final building at the earliest date that it makes sense to do so, taking into account home and membership sales and Member usage, but no later than the date the Club is turned over to the Members.

Another subject that was raised in the meetings was the unused locker space in the Ladies' Locker Room and the possibility of converting that space to a different use such as a multipurpose or second card room. We agree with this concept, and we are studying design options to accomplish it. We'll keep you apprised of our plans for that space and the schedule for doing the work.

We are excited to be starting the next chapter at Toscana. I appreciate all the input and support we have received from the Members. I believe that this collaborative effort will allow us to design and build new spaces that you will enjoy for years to come.

We will continue to keep you updated on projects for this summer and the progress on the Future Club Facilities. Have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you next season.

Very truly yours,

William Bone
Chairman of the Board